Massively improve management of Brussel's asbestos problem

Massively improve management of Brussel's  asbestos problem

Brussels has a massive asbestos problem, with asbestos being present in some form in almost all houses built before the asbestos prohibition. Currently, asbestos is very often inappropriately treated, thus exposing builders, residents, and even citizens that pass by the construction sites and may inhale suspended fibres. To ensure owners and builders are aware of asbestos in their buildings, an asbestos screening by qualified third parties must become mandatory a) before renting out b) before carrying out renovation works to reduce exposure. Controls are necessary, to check, if detected asbestos is removed and disposed off correctly. A fund (polluter pays!) has to be set up to support the correct removal. The police force and other civil servants have to be trained to be able to see, if likely asbestos is incorrectly disposed off in containers on construction sites, so they can call the responsible services for a detailed inspection. The IBGE asbestos team has to be enlarged.


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